August 14th, 2020

Another Flutter Plugin for Movesense to Support Both IOs and Android

Posted in Developer news

Last week, we shared the news of a Flutter plugin that wraps the Android side of movesense-mobile-lib for faster development of Android apps with Google’s Flutter™ UI toolkit. It turned out that it is not the only Flutter plugin for Movesense out there. Also Tugberk Akdogan from Suunto software team has created a plugin called mdsflutter.

Mdsflutter can be used for connecting to and communicating with Movesense devices. It supports both iOS and Android, with the possibility of connecting to multiple Movesense sensors and exposes a similar API as the official Movesense libraries to provide maximum flexibility. An example application is provided in the Github repository.

This is Flutter plugin page:
The Github page is here:

As always, use it actively and keep forking, hacking, and submitting PRs to make it even more useful for your needs and for the community!

Check also the overall documentation for developing Movesense compatible mobile apps.

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