August 20th, 2020

Movesense Data on Wrist – Kaasa Data Collector Runs on Suunto 7 Smartwatch

Movesense software partner Kaasa Solution is actively developing their Data Collector app further. The latest version runs on Suunto 7 Android watch, and makes collecting of synchronized raw data with Movesense sensors more convenient and ergonomic than ever before.

The possibility to record Movesense sensor data with Suunto 7 helps especially with raw data collecting in various sports and in daily life. In activities like skiing and horseback riding, carrying a watch is much more practical than a phone. The watch offers about 4,5GB of memory space for storing sensor data, sufficient for long recordings, and the app allows on-the-go annotating of data with voice and hot buttons.

“The Suunto 7 version of the Data Collector 2.0 is a logical extension of the app”, says Nico Kaartinen, Kaasa CEO. “It makes synchronized raw data collection from Movesense sensors as easy and comfortable as possible.”

Kaartinen reveals, “future versions of the app will synchronize data from the smartwatch sensors in with the Movesense data. This combination will open up endless new opportunities where Movesense sensors can be applied.”

To start using the Data Collector app, get in touch with Kaasa via

Watch Nico Kaartinen to demonstrate the Data Collector with Suunto 7:


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