August 13th, 2020

Movesense Talks with the Personal Robot Temi

Temi is a cost-effective personal robot that delivers useful engagement solutions for various uses. Movesense software partner Kaasa Solution built an application that demonstrates temi in remote healthcare. The combination of a Movesense sensor and temi robot could be used for instance in elderly care or to support longer living at home.

The Android app combines Movesense health data measurement and the communication capabilities and autonomous navigation of temi.

Yaron Yoels, CMO at temi says, “we are grateful to see Movesense integrated with temi and believe there is a great future in this field where temi can assist in monitoring health and encouraging for sports together with these amazing devices. We anticipate to see more and more temi use cases implemented with Suunto devices in the near future.”

Nico Kaartinen, Kaasa CEO, is very happy about the first project result. “From our perspective, the temi robot and Suunto’s Movesense sensors are a perfect fit. Combining external data with the robot’s navigation and other capabilities will enable great products in the near future.”

This video shows ECG measurement with the Movesense sensor and an auto connection on the temi robot. The robot reminds the user of an upcoming ECG measurement, takes the measurement with an automatic sensor connection and leaves after the measurement has been done.

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