March 26th, 2021

Neurobit Monitors Sleep Apnea and Sleep Stages with Movesense – SDK and API available

One of the Movesense Academic Program participants, Neurobit Technologies, Singapore, is working on combining sleep staging and respiratory event detection with Movesense sensors to enable sleep disorder assessment at scale. During the project, Neurobit validates its  algorithm for detecting sleep stages and Obstructive Sleep Apnea using ECG and motion data from Movesense.

The company has used more than 60000 hours of ECG collected through clinical Polysomnography and validated it against open datasets. The results of the performance of their Sleep Staging and Sleep Apnea detection using single-channel ECG will be presented in April at Sleep and Breathing 2021 conference of the European Respiratory Society and in June at Sleep 2021 of the Sleep Research Society.

The accuracy for sleep staging and sleep apnea detection that Neurobit is reaching is one of the highest compared to major recent publications around the world. Inter-beat Interval derived from the ECG of Polysomnography signals and Movesense shows a high correlation. Below an example graph related to apnea.

— With these results, we are confident that single channel ECG signal from Movesense and our algorithm can become a novel tool for sleep apnea screening, says Kishan Kishan, CEO and founder of Neurobit.

Neurobit has developed a sleep scoring software Z3score ( that is used already in more than 115 universities and research labs. The combination of Neurobit algorithm with Movesense devices enables researchers working in the field of sleep, neuroscience, and mental health to speed up and scale their research activities.

In the last six months, the company has begun four clinical trials with Movesense and Z3score for understanding the sleep behavior. They have already completed a clinical trial for registering their software as a medical device.

Neurobit’s sleep data collection app Z3pulse works with Movesense and other devices like SpO2 sensors to generate a high-quality sleep report. The featured image of sleep stages is an example of what the app is offering. Here is a full sample report generated through Z3pulse with Movesense. To try out Z3pulse, install it for Android or for iOS.

Neurobit would be happy to share their SDK and Sleep scoring API with developers in the Movesense community. To get in touch with Neurobit, send an email to SDK requests can be sent to

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