March 26th, 2021

VitalThings Seeks Complementing Services for its Contactless Sleep Monitor Somnofy

Are you working on a Movesense powered application in the field of health and well-being? Are you looking for new channels to grow your market? We have recently received two partner invitations for the Movesense community that we are excited to share with you!


VitalThings wants to complement their sleep monitor with daytime health & activity data

VitalThings is a Norwegian healthtech scale-up that has developed a contactless life sign monitor and a cloud based data processing platform. The solution, Somnofy, is used today within sleep research (collecting sleep data with high accuracy), among top athletes (sleep/restitution), within welfare (taking care of people through the night) and by beta consumer users (sleep tracking with high accuracy). VitalThings also has an ongoing medical approval process on respiration monitoring. The company is working closely with universities and hospitals, and student work is a defined part of its strategy.

VitalThings has a strong interest in partnering with companies in the Movesense network. They believe they will be able to develop complementary services to the Somnofy solution, based on new and existing Movesense applications.

Therefore, VitalThings has a particular interest in connecting with companies working on welfare related Movesense solutions (e.g. daytime activity level, fall detection), and applications related to different kinds of training load measurements.

To contact VitalThings, send an email to Bård Benum,

Read also about WeShareCare, a remote healthcare service platform that wants to distribute Movesense powered health monitoring applications through the platform.

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