March 26th, 2021

WeShareCare Wants to Integrate Movesense Powered Health Monitoring Applications

Are you measuring health data or daily well-being status with Movesense? Are you looking for expanding your market reach? We have recently received two partner invitations for the Movesense community that we are excited to share with you!


WeShareCare offers an interesting partnering opportunity with a rapidly growing remote healthcare platform

WeShareCare is a peer-to-peer conversation-based continuity care service platform. The platform connects the user with certified caregivers to provide high quality care before the user needs an actual physical care appointment. Through the platform, the caregiver can chat with the user and collect user’s health information. WeShareCare offers several cloud services such as heart rate measurement, breath rate measurement, and an olfactory test for asymptomatic of COVID-19 and wants to expand the offering with solutions from the Movesense community.

WeShareCare is franchising the platform to operators, targeting the continuous care worldwide. At the moment, the company has customers in five countries and is expanding rapidly, with the plan to cover 52 countries within the next two years. A typical customer is a hospital or other healthcare operator in the private healthcare sector.

Through the platform, operators get daily updates of their patients’ well-being status, can access the patient data, adjust medication, improve the safety in the clinics, avoid unnecessary patient appointments, save money on infrastructure, free resources for emergency services, and much more.

WeShareCare is interested in integrating Movesense powered solutions that can deliver valuable health data to the platform. They have an API and web services to connect with external platforms and a dedicated team that takes care of the integration at all levels.

To connect with the WeShareCare team, drop an email to Parfait Atchadé, or to

Movesense team wants to thank Mounir Zok from N3XT Sports on behalf of the whole Movesense community for connecting us with WeShareCare.

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