April 10th, 2021

Movesense joins SMASH Hackathon

The Finnish sports tech platform SMASH is organizing a global sustainable sports hackathon on April 21-23. Movesense offers free of charge Movesense sensors to hackathon projects that decide to address the hack challenges with a solution that uses movement or heart rate measurement.

The first SMASH Hackathon is looking for solutions that increase the sustainability of global sports events and business. Participating teams have 48 hours to build and present their solutions to address the challenge. The event takes place fully online.

The two challenges of the SMASH Hackathon are
– How to minimize the carbon footprint in international sports events?
– How to make sports more accessible for people with disabilities with innovative training material distribution?

Participants can be experts, startups, SMEs or university-based teams. Build a team and sign up right away on SMASH Hackathon website. If you want to use Movesense in your project, make sure that you have all needed tools installed few days in advance. We are equipping max three teams with Movesense sensors that will be shipped before the event. To allow sufficient time for shipping the materials, we will need your requests until April 14th.

Teams that submit a project including Movesense sensors can keep the sensors after the hackathon.

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