August 20th, 2021

Introducing Movesense Sensor HR

We are proud to introduce a new member of the Movesense sensor family, Movesense Sensor HR. The new sensor version features a 9-axis motion measurement, heart rate, and a single-channel, non-medical ECG, as in the widely used HR+ model, but does not have a temperature sensor or 1-wire connection that is used with Movesense Smart Connectors.

Except for the two features reserved for Movesense Sensor HR+, the new Movesense Sensor HR is fully compatible with all applications made for the HR+ version. In accordance with the Movesense platform principles, all applications developed for the new device work also on the HR+.

Visually, the models are differentiated by laser marking on the backside of the device. The front side is available for a customer logo, but the developer versions of both models come with the same Movesense logotype.

The new Movesense HR is an answer to the needs of many Movesense customers.

— We have found that many customers don’t utilize the temperature sensor and the 1-wire connection in their applications. The new hardware version is optimized for these customers, says Movesense Product Manager Emmi Rautaheimo.

With the global component shortage affecting also Movesense production, the new product version will also help maintain good availability of the whole Movesense product range. Movesense HR allows certain long lead time components to be reserved for Movesense HR+ production only.

Movesense Sensor HR is available for developers on immediately. Quotations for larger quantities can be requested by email via

Comparison of features

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