August 4th, 2021

Movesense Connects with Alexa Voice Assistant

Movesense software partner Kaasa Solution recently announced a solution to connect the Movesense sensor with the Alexa voice assistant system.

With the implementation, the sensor communicates directly with the voice assistant, enabling new use cases and a practical voice command user interface. In the demo setup, Movesense sensor detects specific exercises and sends the information to Alexa. Alexa counts the repetitions and gives feedback to the user.

”The idea of direct communication between the Movesense sensor and a voice assistant was a logical step. Running the detection algorithms directly on the sensor as well as the communication part with the voice assistant has been a big achievement for our team“, says Nico Kaartinen CEO of Kaasa solution GmbH.

The solution gives the user the freedom to move around with the sensor within the Bluetooth range from the assistant device.

It incorporates a multi-user and multi-assistant support. In home use, the whole family can have their own voice assistants in their own rooms. The system could also be used in care facilities and in any situations where the voice communication is a practical user interface.

All in all, the combination of Movesense with a voice assistant is a great building block for further developments. To utilize it for your own project, get in touch with Kaasa Solution directly.

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