September 9th, 2021

TeamNL Wins Paralympic Gold in Wheelchair Basketball – Used Movesense in Training

Movesense congratulates TeamNL for winning wheelchair basketball in Tokyo Paralympics! The team has been using Movesense sensors to monitor their training and, apparently, to gain a competitive edge.

The training tool that the team is using is Wheelchair Mobility Performance Monitor, an application developed by a Dutch research group led by Dr. Rienk van der Slikke in cooperation with Movesense software partner Kaasa.

Last year, Movesense sensors and the WMPM application were introduced in all training programs for Dutch Paralympic athletes. In some sports, the app was used to explore specific performance questions, while in other sports, all athletes began to measure their training and match performance on a regular basis.

Especially in the Dutch female national wheelchair basketball team, nearly all athletes measured the majority of their sports activity. With over 1000 match and training sessions recorded, the data starts to show new insights regarding training intensity and match preparation.

— Easy-to-use and robust Movesense sensors and the straightforward WMPM app allow athletes to track their performance, but they also provide raw performance data for further analysis by an embedded scientist, says Dr. van der Slikke.

For the Dutch team, Dr. van der Slikke produced tailored performance reports for the coach to optimize the training program for each individual team member.

Of course, athletes are the ones who do all the hard work to be fit at the right time, but by practicing the right performance aspects, the work produces better results, as proven by winning the Gold medal at the Paralympics!

Good luck for the team in the upcoming European Championships!

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Project website:

Featured image: Guus Schoonewille

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