October 1st, 2021

Movesense Future Plans

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With today’s news about Movesense becoming independent, we want to share a few thoughts on how we will go on in the future.

Movesense used to operate as an internal startup within Suunto. This model allowed a lot of freedom and was a great way to incubate the platform to the current point. Now we are in a phase where continuing independently is the best solution to build growth and step to the next level. We want to thank Suunto for this exciting opportunity and will continue close collaboration with the former mother company.

There are a few key steps for Movesense to move on. First, we will ensure that the transition happens so fluently that our current customers don’t notice any difference, except maybe that the support gets even more agile and the service more flexible.

Then, we will come up with new products that extend the platform and answer to some of the most common customer requests. This will include firmware updates with new features, new hardware variants, and other building blocks that help you as an innovator and a Movesense customer to better commercialize your own concepts with the platform.

At some point, we may also finalize some of the numerous end-user product concepts that we have identified as perfectly suitable for the Movesense platform, but which have not yet been implemented by the Movesense community.

In general, we believe in open innovation, active networking, and the power of community. We think that things should be done properly at once and then replicated so that not everyone needs to reinvent the same wheel. That’s what an open platform means to us. Openness will be our leading principle also in the future, and as an independent company, we can even strengthen that approach.

We warmly invite new members and partners to join the growing Movesense community and do our best to support existing members in all of their ongoing innovative projects. To discuss about how we can help you to turn your sensor idea into a successful product, don’t hesitate to get in touch via info@movesense.com.

Read the announcement of Movesense starting as an independent company.

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