October 13th, 2021

Movesense Joins Sports Tech Research Network

Science driven Sports & Health Tech organizations join forces to improve product effectiveness

Sports technology is an area of massive growth, with major potential commercial incentives, from the individual consumer to the elite sport level. Products in the health and performance domains, however, are not always trustworthy and effective, mainly because of a lacking integration of scientific knowledge.

A growing number of organizations from the industry, startup, academic, and sports world are now joining forces within the Sports Tech Research Network. The network connects research-driven companies with high-quality researchers and field practice experts around the world to exchange knowledge, optimize products, and positively impact the end-consumers. Movesense is one of the early members of the network.

The STRN accelerates the creation, go-to-market, and implementation of trustworthy, effective technology within sports and health environments such as teams, federations, fitness training centers, hospitals, physical therapy practices, home training studios, and the broader society.

Athletes and sports organizations are always looking for the best solutions out there in order to increase performance, augment engagement levels, prevent injuries, and otherwise reach better results. On the other hand, health and physical activity levels have been declining steadily, despite the number of available solutions and investments in the market have been skyrocketing the past decade.

To make these products and services more effective, the Sports Tech Research Network is setting up various activities such as Webinars, Masterclasses, Matchmaking events, Summits, Special Interest Groups, and R&D and commercialization Projects around the most relevant topics. Movesense will actively participate these events to spread the word about the opportunities that Movesense sensors offer to support the STRN vision.

— The challenges we’re facing these days are becoming much more complex than they were in the past. New innovations will continue to rise, but I’m confident that the people who are succeeding in collaborating and partnering with others, and  including the most recent scientific findings, will be most successful, says Kristof De Mey, Sports Tech Innovation & Business Developer & Founder at STRN.

— The STRN vision is perfectly aligned with Movesense ideology: accelerating tech innovations in sports and health, collaborating and partnering for more efficient product creation, building new solutions on proven platforms and knowledge, and openly sharing the best expertise with others to avoid re-inventing the wheel. Movesense sensors are an ideal tool in sports research and they offer a direct path to commercializing interesting research findings. Therefore it’s natural for us to support the initiative and be an active member of the network from the beginning, says Terho Lahtinen from Movesense.

Individuals and organizations who want to join as a member or partner of the network can request a membership here. For a more elaborate outline of why STRN was founded, you can download and read the STRN Vision Whitepaper.

More information about the STRN:

Website www.strn.co

LinkedIn @sports-tech-research-network

Twitter @STRN_SportsTech

The Sports Tech Research Network is an initiative of the sports innovation consortium at Ghent University (Belgium) called Victoris, in collaboration with the non-profit organization SportaMundi.

Text based on a STRN press release


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