November 9th, 2021

Ainone Builds Unique Tools for Neurological Performance Evaluation

Ainone performance test can be used to monitor the effect of concussion on human performance

Ainone is a Finnish startup that is developing a lightweight, mobile, rehabilitation and coaching platform for measuring key components of neurological performance. The company is first addressing the need for an easy and cost-effective solution to accurately and objectively measure balance.

Balance is an essential measure of performance for athletes, the elderly, and anyone in their daily lives. A person’s ability to control balance is an important indicator of his or her neurological state and a key to assessing neurological conditions.

However, to date, methods for measuring the neurological system have been cumbersome, expensive, difficult to use, based on subjective evaluation, or have not existed at all. This is now being changed by Ainone.

The company’s first product, Ainone Balance®, combines Movesense sensor data and IBM’s artificial intelligence with Ainone’s unique algorithms that evaluate balance and provide feedback in real time.

The application includes simple and proven test protocols that are easy to run anywhere, anytime. It gives accurate, objective, and comparable results from changes in sway – balance score. This score can be used to assess balance and human neuroperformance.

The company has collected a large reference database that works as a benchmark for evaluating the measurement results and planning interventions. The results are used to identify performance challenges and deficiencies that can be eliminated or reduced through training.

The first applications include daily assessments in elderly care, rehabilitation of lower limb injuries, monitoring the recovery from concussions, and the assessment of professional athletes. For instance, balance is a significant indicator of fall risk of the elderly, and strongly correlates with the risk of lower limb injuries of athletes.

Ainone Balance is an invaluable tool for health and sports professionals to detect and monitor changes in human performance. It starts a new era of systematic optimization of athletic training, rehabilitation, and treatment prescriptions.

Ainone Balance is registered as a Class I medical device (MDD 93/42/EEC).

Meet Ainone and Movesense at Medica trade fair in Düsseldorf on Nov 15-18.

Visit Ainone website. See Ainone on Movesense Showcase page.

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