August 8th, 2022

Kubios and Movesense Combine Advanced ECG and HRV Analysis Tools

Kubios, a leading provider of software for scientific heart rate variability analysis, and Movesense, a supplier of cutting-edge wearable ECG, heart rate and movement sensors, promote the compatibility of their products to make top-of-the-line physiological analyzes accessible and practical for anyone interested in the topic. Kubios and Movesense’s products complement each other perfectly, and in the future the two Finnish experts plan to make their use even more seamless.

The use of Movesense sensors for the development of new wearable products and scientific research is increasing rapidly. In academia, Kubios software is often the tool of choice for analyzing the data measured with Movesense. Kubios also provides high value for commercial development projects with Movesense.

All projects with Movesense sensors include three main steps: collecting data with the sensors, analyzing the data, and turning the findings into insights, algorithms and applications that deliver value to the user.

Regardless of whether the project aims at a commercial product or a scientific publication, the common need is to collect accurate data on the study topic and to analyze it in an efficient way.

For projects focusing on heart rate variability (HRV) and ECG analysis, Movesense team warmly recommends Kubios HRV Premium software as an analysis tool. It is the best tool we’ve tested so far for professional analysis of ECG and HRV data recorded with Movesense sensors.

Kubios HRV has reached a gold standard status in scientific research for HRV studies and is used at roughly 1200 universities in 128 countries. Kubios HRV is also a practical tool for health and well-being professionals who want to include HRV assessment in their services. Bundled with the Movesense sensor, it is a powerful solution for professional HRV and ECG analysis.

For companies developing their own HRV or ECG applications for Movesense sensors, Kubios HRV Premium is highly useful for visualizing and analyzing raw data in the development phase.


Simple steps for analyzing Movesense data with Kubios HRV Premium

To analyze Movesense data with Kubios HRV, follow these simple steps:

  1. Install Movesense Showcase app for iOS or Android
  2. Connect a Movesense Sensor to the app and record data
  3. Save the recorded data files as csv with the app
  4. Open the csv files in Kubios HRV

Kubios HRV is compatible with a range of ECG monitors and high-end heart rate sensors. The Movesense range has two options to use with Kubios. Movesense Medical measures heart rate and 1-lead ECG with a medical grade accuracy and is certified as a Class IIa medical device accessory (93/42/EEC). The non-medical ECG measurement of Movesense HR2 and Movesense HR+ is optimized for sports and wellness. All models offer ECG sampling rates from 125 to 512Hz, standard Bluetooth heart rate with R-R intervals with one millisecond resolution, and simultaneous movement measurement with a 9-axis IMU.

To lower the entry barrier, Movesense starts selling a bundle of Movesense HR2 ECG and movement sensor and a Movesense chest strap. Earlier these products were available only separately and primarily intended for research and development purposes. The new bundle is a practical kit for anyone interested in measuring and recording 1-channel ECG signal or heart rate interval data.

Due to regulatory reasons, the medically registered Movesense Medical sensor continues to be available separately. It primarily serves commercial partners and scientists as a professional device and as a research tool. For users interested in the medical ECG bandwidth, we currently recommend the Movesense Medical Developer Kit, which includes a sensor and a chest strap with some additional accessories and can be used with Kubios.

To order Kubios HRV software, visit

Get a Movesense HR2 + chest strap bundle

Order Movesense Medical Developer Kit (includes chest strap)



Proven accuracy

The accuracy of Movesense ECG and HRV measurement has been validated in several recent research publications.

An article published in March 2022 concluded that the Movesense Medical sensor can be used in lieu of a reference 12-lead ECG for the calculation of HRV. Results showed high agreement between Movesense and the reference ECG in terms of key HRV parameters. The data was analyzed with Kubios HRV.

Another study from October 2021 verified that the Movesense Medical, used with Movesense heart rate strap, provided a high-quality 1-lead ECG signal for visual evaluation. Using ECG recordings made with Movesense Medical, cardiologists achieved 100% diagnostic accuracy of atrial fibrillation.

The chest strap form factor eliminates most of the shortcomings of traditional Holter ECG recorders and makes Movesense suitable for long-term monitoring of heart rate variability and arrhythmias.


Commercialize your results with Movesense

Movesense allows direct commercialization of your research findings and product concepts. If the research findings are interesting enough, Movesense provides a fast lane to bringing them to market. This sets Movesense apart from all the other heart rate and ECG devices on the market.

Movesense sensor is programmable and can run a custom firmware with your proprietary algorithms. The sensor is available for custom branding with your own logo. The device made in Finland gives you full control over the data you measure with it. The platform includes a set of open, efficient developer tools and code samples to accelerate the development.

With Movesense, developers of new wearable sensor solutions can skip the costly and difficult hardware development and focus on commercializing the actual innovation. This lowers the required investment and dramatically shortens the time to market compared to developing a new solution from scratch.

Bringing a Movesense based product to the market is a breeze with the free to use developer kits, software tools and examples. To discuss how Movesense can bring your next innovation into life and commercial success, get in touch with us right away!

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