August 1st, 2022

Movesense Flutter Plugin Updated

We have received a number of request for updating the Flutter plugin for Movesense that was originally published by Tugberk Akdogan. He kindly helped us to get access to the code and we can now manage the plugin also from the Movesense team’s side.

We recently published a new version of the plugin called mdsflutter. The version 1.0.1 brings the plugin up to date with the latest evolution of Flutter and fixes a bug that was related to reconnect of the sensor.

Mdsflutter is great starting point for developing Movesense compatible mobile applications. It supports both iOS and Android, with the possibility of connecting to multiple Movesense sensors. We already started using it for our own connectivity tester.

The Flutter plugin page:
The Github page is here:

We welcome developers to actively use the plugin. Keep forking, hacking, and submitting PRs to make it even more useful for your needs and for the community!

Check also the overall documentation for developing Movesense compatible mobile apps.

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