October 20th, 2022

Movesense Partners with Biosensors for Medical Wearables in Boston Oct 24-25

Biosensors for Medical Wearables brings together big pharma, device developers and component manufacturers to explore the key drivers and innovations of the wearable medical biosensors landscape. Movesense is exited to partner with the event to spread the word about the possibilities that Movesense sensors offer in this context.

The global market for wearable biosensors is growing rapidly and the demand is increasing especially in the fields of healthcare, well-being and sports. With explosively rising costs and growing resource challenges, the need for solutions that make treatment and diagnosis easier and more efficient is growing rapidly. Delays in treatment and patient queues caused by the Covid-19 pandemic make the situation even more difficult.

When looking for solutions to the challenges of the healthcare system, eyes are focused on wearable technology as one very potential opportunity. Wearable medical devices offer promising prospects to ease the burden on healthcare providers. They enable effective remote patient monitoring and allow patients to participate more actively in the treatment process to achieve better treatment outcomes. The increased autonomy of patients enables self-care and transfer of care from institutions to home.

Movesense is a major enabler of innovation in medical wearables, and its sensors can be used in a wide range of telehealth and personal healthcare applications. The theme of Biosensors for Medical Wearables fits perfectly with Movesense’s vision, which is to help companies build new wearable medical solutions without having to invest in their own hardware development and manufacturing.

The programmable Movesense Medical sensor measures single channel ECG, heart rate and movement. The sensor is registered as a Class IIa medical device. Our manufacturing is based in Finland and enables flexible production of small and large quantities of sensors with OEM branding and custom firmware.

We welcome you to discuss your medical wearable needs at the conference or meet us online at a time that is most convenient for you.

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