November 14th, 2022

First Impressions of Digital Health Trends at Medica 2022

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Medica 2022, the worldwide largest trade fair of the medical sector, opened today in Düsseldorf, Germany. From Monday to Thursday Nov 14-17, the fair is the meeting point for medical technology experts and companies around the world. Movesense is exhibiting in hall 12, booth B54.

For Movesense the first show day was very busy right away from the first morning hours. The exhibition halls are much fuller with booths and visitors than in 2021, in line with the organizer’s estimate of 40% growth from last year.

The theme of Hall 12 is digital health and wearable technology. Exhibitors consist of the leading medical wearables brands, health data integrators and the Medica startup park.  In addition, the two stages Medica Connected Healthcare Forum and Medica Health IT Forum attract future-oriented show visitors to the hall. This post summarizes our observations about the digital health trends in Hall 12 on the first day of Medica 2022.

Exhibitors in Hall 12

The two main groups of exhibitors are various sensor suppliers and data hub operators. The latter ones collect data from different devices and convert it into useful dashboards for the doctor. These data integrators are creating specialized dashboard views for both outpatients and inpatients and even ICU patients.

Great news for Movesense is that these operators need a light sensor that can be used in a flexible way both in healthcare facilities and at home. Sounds spot on for the programmable, wearable, wireless Movesense Medical with 1-lead ECG and 9-axis movement measurement.

Medica Health IT Forum

The forum presentations and panels discussed the use of digital tools in the patient journey. Numerous new connected tools for remote care, monitoring and patient communication are moving from talk to practice. The acceptance of such tools is growing rapidly in today’s healthcare system. Patient care is turning into a hybrid model, in which only those steps are taken in the clinical settings that can’t be handled remotely. Digital technology enhances the treatment and better engages the patient in the treatment process.

Technological readiness for this change has existed already for a while but now the mental readiness is also there. Patient engagement through digital tools and remote care are seen as a natural way to work. It’s an evident solution to improve patient outcomes and manage the expanding healthcare system costs. The open Movesense sensor strongly contributes to this development.

Medica Connected Healthcare Forum

presented an exciting range of practical tools and solutions for connected healthcare. The main themes were cellular connectivity of remote care devices, and AI and big data. Connectivity supports smooth patient user experience and AI enables efficient structuring of the huge amount of data collected from patients using remote devices.

The highlight of the day of Medica Connected Healthcare Forum was the award ceremony of the 14th Healthcare Innovation World Cup. The winner award was taken home by ViewMind Inc. that offers digital biomarkers for neurodegenerative diseases management.

To conclude the day 1 at Medica 2022, themes related to remote care and monitoring that were previously seen as emerging trends in digital healthcare are now becoming a normal way of working.

Movesense exhibitor profile on Medica website

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