November 18th, 2022

Medica 2022: Digital Health Accelerates, Movesense Well Positioned

Medica 2022 trade fair is over and it’s time to summarize our observations related to digital health trends and topics. Movesense exhibited in the Hall 12 that collected wearable device brands, start-ups, health IT companies and other innovators in digital healthcare. There were two leading themes that caught the attention at the show: The digitalization of healthcare is accelerating at an unprecedented pace and visitors have found back to Medica post pandemic.

Over 81000 attendees and more than 5000 exhibitors from 70 countries almost doubled the show from last year. This reflected in a very positive way to the traffic in the fair grounds, booths packed with visitors, and longer waiting at the kiosks for the daily wurst lunch.

For Movesense the show was very busy. Movesense Medical, our wearable, programmable, medically certified ECG and movement sensor with an OEM branding option is a missing piece that was found by many players. This was driven by four significant trends that were clearly visible at the fair.

1. Telehealth is booming

The Covid pandemic exploded the need, the use, and the acceptance of telehealth solutions in general. In two years they jumped from early niche to wide general use because there was no option. Healthcare operators began using whatever remote tools were available to treat and monitor patients. Now it’s time to optimize these tools to improve their efficiency, further expand their use, and to improve patient outcomes. As a result, telehealth operators are now eagerly looking for reliable sensors that would help them to monitor outpatients.

Movesense Medical with certified 1-lead ECG and 9-axis movement measurement is an ideal tool for this. Thanks to its versatile measurement options and places of use, it can be applied to monitoring a wide range of health conditions. Examples of current use cases are heart rhythm monitoring and afib detection, balance assessment, monitoring of Parkinson’s Disease and COPD patients, and evaluation of the motor development of infants.

2. Data integration and dashboards

Health sensors and other digital health devices generate a huge amount of data. A prominent attendee group at Medica were data integrators. They collect health data from different sources and aggregate it into useful dashboards for different healthcare needs. Many of these companies are looking for sensors that they can offer to their customers and easily connect to their systems.

And you know what? With its open API, full access and complete control of raw data, and the possibility to program custom sensor firmware, Movesense is truly optimized for this.

3. Wearable sensors becoming the norm

The number of different wearable sensors at Medica 2022 for all imaginable healthcare use cases was astonishing. With the rapidly growing remote patient monitoring, healthcare personalization, and patient engagement into the care process, this is not a surprise. However, many of the sensors presented at the show, especially by the numerous startups, were still somewhat unfinished.

Our advice for innovators working on new wearable sensor concepts is this: If you are planning to measure movement or heart rhythm with a wearable sensor, consider carefully the make versus buy question. Movesense Medical is already on the market, MDD certified, MDR conformity assessment going on, and available in any desired quantity with your own logo. This can remarkably shorten your time to market and lower the investment, allowing you to focus on the actual user benefit instead of developing your own hardware.

4. Making traditional equipment smart

Many manufacturers of traditional healthcare equipment such as rehabilitation or treatment devices are looking into adding a smart layer to their products. They want to get usage statistics from their devices, or monitor patients that are using their equipment. Adding this data to the dashboards will help healthcare professionals provide better and more efficient treatment and helps the equipment companies to improve their products.

Movesense helps here in two ways: The sensor can be attached to the equipment to track interesting usage data. This is a fast way to make a traditional piece of equipment smart without complicated and costly electronics and software development. With Movesense it’s possible to measure also the physiological response of the patient to the use of equipment.

Use Movesense Medical for your own solutions

Movesense Medical sensor is a key component for digital health companies to build comprehensive patient solutions. The sensor can be programmed to optimize it for specific use cases. Our flexible production in Finland can deliver both small prototype batches and mass market volumes rapidly with customer logo and firmware. We are happy to serve our new and existing customers with lightweight, clinically validated ECG and movement sensors.

To learn more about Movesense Medical and how to use it in your own digital health application, take the next step here:

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