November 22nd, 2022

Movesense Flutter Plugin Updated – Feedback Desired

Hello developers in Movesense network!

We just updated the Flutter plugin for Movesense called mdsflutter. The new version supports the asynchronous features of new Flutter versions. The update will help you create Flutter-optimized code easier than before.

If you are using mdsflutter to develop a Movesense compatible mobile app with Flutter, we would really love to hear your feedback on the new async interface in the development version 1.9.9-dev2. Please try out the updated version and test that it works as you would like to have it. We would especially like to hear

– Do you like it or not. If not, why?
– Could something be done to make it more “flutter async” -like?
– Does it work as you expect, or do you have problems with it?

You can post your feedback about the Flutter plugin via email directly to our lead developer Please note that we handle other software questions via

Here are the links for the plugin:

Other essential developer links:

Happy developing!

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