December 15th, 2022

EBELT Launches EBELT Smart – a Belt to Wear Movesense Sensor in Daily Life

EBELT smart belt with Movesense sensor

EBELT® is a Helsinki, Finland based company that concentrates on creating functional accessory solutions for everyday situations. The company was founded in 2015 in with a simple mission to keep one’s pants up. EBELT developed a new kind of elasticated lightweight belt suitable for heavy duty, leisure, and active sport markets. Yet the belt is stylish and comfortable enough to wear anywhere and anytime.

EBELT is now launching EBELT®smart belt that integrates Movesense sensor inside the belt buckle. This enables easy and unobtrusive collecting of movement data on the go. The elegant and discreet integration keeps the sensor is completely hidden but always with you, ensuring comfortable, uninterrupted data collection.

EBELT®smart was developed in co-operation with VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Aalto University’s department of design. The company is also working on an EBELT®smart mobile app that supports the use of Movesense sensor functions and provides useful daily parameters of the user’s life. The app will be launched by end of the January 2023 for iOS and Android.

EBELT®smart has three main benefits when used with Movesense.

  1. The use of a sensor integrated in a belt buckle is impossible to forget. It will be always with you as long as you have your pants on. This guarantees uninterrupted data.
  2. The sensor is completely inside the buckle, so you can’t lose or remove it accidentally. The design is suitable for all kinds of use conditions and ensures that the sensor is always out of your way.
  3. Scientific research shows that placing the sensor close to the body’s center of mass is optimal for measuring daily activity. With the belt, the sensor is automatically placed correctly and protected from external impacts, so it also stays in place.

EBELT’s Matti Huhtinen invites companies interested in using EBELT®smart to get in touch.

— We are happy to work with your company and find a solution with EBELT®smart products and smart phone applications that will fit your company’s needs. You can contact us via to discuss about the options in more detail.

For Movesense, the innovative attaching option that EBELT®smart adds to the range is very welcome.

— It’s very delighting to start the partnership with EBELT. The new EBELT®smart is an extremely practical way to wear the Movesense sensor and opens interesting new opportunities to utilize the sensor for both professional and individual users, says Terho Lahtinen who coordinates the Movesense partner network and research programs.

— Based on the use of Movesense sensors so far, we see three usage scenarios where EBELT®smart is particularly useful, Lahtinen continues and lists the following:

  • Daily activity and posture monitoring in healthcare, corporate health programs and also for individual users
  • Monitoring of workload in physically demanding work and in hard conditions
  • Scientific research with a need for long-term collection of the daily activity of research subjects

To learn more about EBELT smart and to try it out, visit Movesense sensors are available as developer kit and in mass volume with an option for custom branding. To discuss with our experts, drop us a note via the link below.

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