March 21st, 2023

HeartSentinel Launches Ritmia, an Automatic Arrhythmia Detection Tool

Heart Sentinel srl is a biotech company founded in 2016 in Parma, Italy by Nicola Gaibazzi and Claudio Reverberi, recognized Italian cardiologists and authors of several key scientific publications related to cardiovascular diseases. The company now dedicates to develop and patent smart products in the field of cardiology, using Movesense devices. Their aim is to democratize long-term cardiac rhythm monitoring and the detection of arrhythmias, to date requiring bulky, dedicated and expensive equipment.

The company’s first algorithm, Heart Sentinel™, detects a cardiac arrest through simple RR interval monitoring. The team is now optimizing the algorithm to work with Movesense, utilizing the sensor’s accurate real-time single-lead ECG. Professor Gaibazzi will present HeartSentinel data in the next CanSAVE symposium on cardiac arrest in the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, in April.

Their second algorithm, Ritmia™ detects and labels the presence of atrial fibrillation and other types of arrhythmias such as single premature beats. The algorithm runs on the RR interval data of commercially available heart monitors. HeartSentinel is now bringing Ritmia™ to market as a commercial product, running on Movesense sensors.

The core of the new Ritmia™ product is a Movesense sensor that runs HeartSentinel’s proprietary firmware with the Ritmia™ algorithm. The sensor comes with a custom electrode patch and a mobile application for Android and iOS. The simple app serves to start and stop ECG monitoring and to download an easy-to-share pdf report after recording. The system works also with the standard Movesense chest strap.

Ritmia™ automatically finds arrhythmias and records ECG strips of possible arrhythmias while continuously monitoring the subject’s cardiac rhythm, based on RR monitoring. The sensor operates autonomously without being connected to other devices, working for days or weeks as a standalone ECG monitor attached to the user’s chest with a comfortable customized patch. After recoding, the app provides a tangible report for later consultation by anyone, even medical professionals.

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