October 10th, 2023

Kaasa Presents Practical Tools and Services for Projects with the Movesense Flash Sensor

Movesense’s development partner Kaasa Solution GmbH has been working with the pre-production Movesense Flash sensors as soon as they became available. Based on the needs identified in several customer projects, Kaasa has developed practical tools for efficient data collection with Movesense Flash. The company has also gained extensive experience in how to quickly develop Movesense Flash based product ideas to a commercial level.

Kaasa has identified two typical uses for the sensor, and created very useful tools for both:

1. Recording of one parameter for as long as possible, e.g., a 7-day heart rate interval recording

A practical problem in interpreting such data is often the lack of context information: what did the user do when there was a significant change in the heart rate level or heart rate variability?

Kaasa’s solution for this is a customized sensor firmware that calculates and records additional information related to the situation, e.g. movement intensity, step cadence, or sensor orientation. In addition to heart rate interval data, the sensor stores this context information with less frequent recording intervals or when the calculated value exceeds a certain limit value, e.g., high enough movement intensity.

Context information remarkably facilitates the interpretation of the actual measurement data. It tells you what happens during the measurement and helps to explain specific measurement values.

2. Recording a lot of high precision raw data, e.g., 9-axis movement or ECG with a high sample rate

Large amounts of accurate, high-resolution raw data are needed especially for research use and when developing AI-based models for data interpretation. This usage situation often involves collecting data from many people, and several sensors are used at the same time.

Kaasa has developed a practical mobile application for managing Movesense Flash sensors. With the application, you can easily set what data the sensors record and start and stop recording. The app can control many sensors at the same time. For example, setting the recording data to several sensors is very convenient in this way. The application also downloads the saved files automatically. After downloading, it creates an edf file from the ECG data if needed.

To start using these innovative Kaasa tools with Movesense Flash, get in touch with the company directly:

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