October 23rd, 2023

Movesense Launches an ECG Recorder App for iOS and Android

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Movesense ECG Recorder is a new practical mobile application for collecting single-channel ECG data using wearable Movesense sensors. The application provides a scalable solution to electrocardiogram and heart rate monitoring and recording needs, enabling the sharing of recorded log files in industry standard CSV and EDF+ file formats.

ECG file share and live view

The main feature of the app is recording single-channel ECG from Movesense sensors and sharing the recorded files for analysis and interpretation. The app also provides an intuitive live ECG view that allows the user to verify the signal quality during recording.

The application works with all Movesense sensor models for real-time display and recording of ECG data. It stores raw unprocessed signals measured by Movesense sensors. It does not perform any post-processing on the recorded signals.

The application saves data in two different file formats, CSV and EDF+. The csv files can be opened with many common desktop applications, for example with Excel. The European Data Format EDF+ is commonly used in healthcare in applications related to cardiology. For a quick visual inspection of the recorded data, there is also a PDF export available.

The Movesense ECG Recorder app automatically splits recordings into 24h long log files to support multi-day recording sessions. The recordings are shown on a simple list view for easy file sharing in various channels and formats. There’s also an option to share the files via a Movesense cloud service. This is very convenient with large files of long ECG recordings.

Health use with Movesense Medical sensor

The Movesense ECG Recorder application can be used with the Movesense Medical sensor for health and clinical purposes. Movesense Medical is certified as a Class IIa medical device (MDR). Patients can use the sensor to collect their own ECG data with the app and share it with their doctor or cardiologist using the share functions of the app.

The app serves as a data gateway to transfer the user’s medical ECG to a healthcare professional for interpretation or for automated analysis or archive. Any further analysis of the recorded ECG log files must be done by third party tools certified for this purpose.

The visualizations of the app are only intended to be used for confirming secure sensor attachment and sufficient signal level during data recording. Always seek a doctor’s advice in addition to using the Movesense ECG Recorder app and before making any medical decisions.

Start measuring your own ECG

Movesense ECG Recorder is available both for individual users who want to record their ECG with the Movesense sensor, and for business customers to collect user ECG data for professional use.

To start using the Movesense ECG Recorder app, download it on Google Store or Apple App Store. Please note that the iOS version of the app is currently not available in the U.S and Canada.

To measure ECG, you will also need a Movesense sensor – any of the models HR2, HR+, MD, or Flash, and a chest strap or disposable Movesense ECG patches. For clinical and diagnostic use, the only certified sensor model is Movesense MD. Please note that the app doesn’t yet support the standalone recording feature of the Movesense Flash sensor.

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Download the app:

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