November 2nd, 2023

Join Movesense Webinar – New Tools for Recording ECG, HRV, and Movement

Welcome to an exclusive event that will revolutionize the future of physiological measurement and wellness monitoring!

Join us for a compelling showcase of cutting-edge technology and gain a deep understanding of the potential of wearable long-term ECG, HRV, and motion data recorder, the newly launched Movesense Flash sensor, which is meant for long standalone operation.

The event will demonstrate the capabilities of our unique non-medical recorder and its benefits through expert talks and customer cases. We will also introduce the Movesense ECG Recorder mobile app, which greatly simplifies ECG recording with Movesense sensors.

The event introduces our pioneering wearable technology and its potential applications to decision-makers across various sectors, including wellness, health and sport manufacturers as well as military and technology.

Movesense offers scalable and wearable sensor solutions that can be tailored to the needs of different stakeholders. The event will highlight how our technology can be integrated into existing systems and applications.


Preliminary agenda, Thursday Dec 7th, 2023 at 15:00-16:45 CET

All times CET (GMT + 2)

15:00  Opening words Jussi Kaasinen, CEO and Founder, Movesense 
15:10  Uniqueness of Movesense Flash – ECG, HRV and Movement Data Recorder Terho Lahtinen, Movesense
15:20  Movesense ECG Recorder Application Terho Lahtinen, Movesense
15:35  Efficient data collecting tools for Movesense Flash Nico Kaartinen, Kaasa solution GmbH
15:55  Case: Long-term measuring with novel 14-day ECG patch José NäfNahtlos
16:15  Case: How the leadership development company asses an individual’s physiology and emotional state? Ralph Behnke, Complete Coherence
16:35  Movesense sensor firmware 2.2 new features and benefits Petri Lipponen, Movesense
16:50  Closing words Jussi Kaasinen
17:00  Event ends


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