December 5th, 2023

Nahtlos AG launches a medically certified ECG Electrode patch for Movesense Sensors

Nahtlos ECG Electrode patch and Movesense Medical sensor

Movesense partner Nahtlos AG, a pioneering Swiss medical technology startup, has developed a medically certified Nahtlos Durastrip®, a conductive textile ECG Electrode patch, which is compatible with all Movesense sensors.

Emerging from the forefront of Swiss research, Nahtlos AG, a spinoff of the Swiss Federal Laboratories (Empa), is pioneering the next wave in medical electrode technology. “Conventional gel electrodes can dry out or react with moisture over multi-day wear, degrading long-term signal quality,” explains Michel Schmid, Co-Founder and CTO of Nahtlos. “Our Durastrip instead leverages patented conductive fabric technology and a unique humidification method to maintain the adhesion and signal quality.”

Compatible with all Movesense sensors, the Durastrip broadens the scope of health and fitness monitoring, Nathlos states. According to Nahtlos the patch is MDR (EU 2017/745) certified class I Medical Device. Certification assures quality and reliability, making it a versatile electrode for a wide audience, from medical professionals to fitness enthusiasts – in the latter’s case, particularly to capture the resting phase effectively.

Nahtlos Durastrip is the first Movesense compatible MDR certified ECG electrode which expands Nathlos Durastrip wearable platform. Together with Movesense sensor, the Nahtlos Durastip patch enables clinical applications like long-term ECG monitoring, digital health research, and next-generation fitness tracking.

Those interested in learning more about how the Durastrip’s medical-grade innovation enhances Movesense sensor capabilities are encouraged to connect with Nahtlos AG or attend Movesense’s webinar on December 7th.

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