January 8th, 2024

Our Top-5 Favorite Projects with Movesense Sensors in 2023

Movesense wishes you a happy new year! During 2023, Movesense sensors were used in countless extremely interesting and innovative projects. At the beginning of the new year, it is the right time to review what was achieved with the sensors last year. Here are our favorites from the many wearable sensor projects in 2023 made with Movesense and short explanations for the choices:

Ephion Health

The Spanish health technology startup Ephion Health developed a unique solution for monitoring the progression of Duchenne muscular dystrophy (featured image). It is the first sensor-based, objective method for monitoring this disease. It gives a more accurate picture of the patient’s situation than previous methods and thus enables better treatment planning.

In its solution, Ephion uses Movesense sensors in a very versatile way to measure human movement and physiology with up to six sensors at the same time. The implementation is based on strong scientific evidence from clinical studies. The solution can also be used in other applications with minor modifications.

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The Ukrainian medtech startup Knopka developed an advanced call system for hospitals and care homes to notify nurses and help them respond immediately when a patient needs help. The Knopka alarm button connects wirelessly to the Movesense Medical sensor to automatize certain nurse call triggers. The system is very quick and easy to install and doesn’t require complex infrastructure.

We think the Knopka system is a prefect example of how to quickly leverage the Movesense sensor to provide added value to an existing solution. The lightweight integration process and ready-to-use sensor capabilities provide a fast way to new innovations in wireless monitoring of patient condition, athlete performance, or the daily life of anyone who needs monitoring.

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Porin Raasto

Porin Raasto is a Finnish adventure sports event that developed a lightweight system for displaying live athlete data to the public. The final challenge of the race teams took place in a shopping mall. The athletes received a Movesense chest strap and sensor. They had to first lower their heart rate to under 100 beats per minute, only to then raise it up to 160 bpm as quickly as possible. The values were shown on the shopping mall screen in real time.

In this application we especially like the fact that it was fully implemented by one person in the race organizing team, working on a volunteer basis. Using Movesense API and sample code, Raspberry Pi computer, and the open dashboard platform Grafana, she created a spectacular solution that significantly raised the event’s profile and visibility. This demonstrates nicely the power of using open tools and API’s with Movesense sensors.

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Smart Cyclo

The Cypriot cycling expert Smart Cyclo launched a game-changing cycling training platform that helps cyclists and triathletes improve their cycling position and ride faster. They use Movesense sensors to continuously track cyclists’ riding position. Combined with other ride data, the Smart Cyclo solution allows cyclists to track and improve their position in real-time. Maintaining an optimal riding position remarkably increases the energy efficiency in cycling.

Movesense roots are in sports, and we love all new useful sensor applications for sports made with Movesense sensors. Smart Cyclo offers active cyclists the same type of value as high-end performance labs and wind tunnels, but for continuous use and at a fraction of the cost. They make great use of the lightness and wearability of the Movesense sensor. This will hopefully attract many cyclists in the future.

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Complete Coherence

The UK-based leadership development and coaching service Complete Coherence is one of the first companies that goes live with a solution based on the Movesense Flash sensor that we launched in October 2023. They use the sensor’s large memory capacity to record 7 days of heart rate variability data of their clients.

The standalone recording capability of Movesense Flash improves the user experience in many ways. It also enables Complete to significantly simplify the device logistics and allows them to replace expensive Holter devices with easier and more comfortable Movesense sensors. Even the first steps with Movesense Flash are a remarkable step change to Complete’s solution

Even the first version of Complete’s Movesense Flash-based solution is a significant step forward from their previous product. In addition to that, the company’s roadmap includes many new services and features that Movesense Flash makes possible.

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Your project featured in 2024?

Movesense team warmly wishes continued success for these five top projects! We look forward to hearing about many new exciting projects this year. Hopefully we can list your project as one of the most interesting ones in 2024!

As soon as you are ready to publish your Movesense-powered project, please let us know. We will share the news in our community and amplify your message on our channels. If you want to discuss your project with our experts, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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