February 6th, 2024

Boost Your Wearable Sensor Project with Movesense Custom Firmware Service

Take advantage of Movesense sensor’s unique capabilities

Do you want to accelerate your on-going Movesense project? Do you have a great wearable sensor concept in mind using Movesense, but no implementer for the solution you are planning? Or are you wondering how to make the Movesense sensor work the way you want?

Recently, we have received an increasing number of inquiries from our network about our possibility to help in the development of new sensor concepts and finished products. So far we have usually replied that we focus on the continuous development of the overall Movesense platform, developer tools and sample code.

However, over the years, we have accumulated unique know-how in customizing the Movesense sensor firmware for specific purposes. We now want to make this competence available also for customer projects aimed at commercial end user products.

Let’s win in the market together!

Movesense is a programmable wearable sensor that can be customized for various purposes in health and wellbeing, It is obvious that the success of Movesense as a company depends on our customers being able to quickly bring to the market technically and commercially successful sensor solutions that make extensive use of our sensors.

Therefore, in response to the customer demand, we are pleased to announce that we have started offering software development and consulting services to support our customers’ projects!

We quickly adapt the firmware exactly to your needs

Our special expertise is related to modifying the sensor’s firmware for the customer’s needs. We can help build custom sensor features, embedded processing of measurement data, optimize battery life, and other ways to get the most out of the Movesense sensor’s capabilities.

We can quickly and efficiently develop firmware prototypes for proof-of-concept studies and field testing. If necessary, we also help in finalizing your firmware for mass production on our manufacturing line located in Finland.

Connecting Movesense sensors to existing applications and solutions is a quick way to supplement them with wearable sensor data. We can quickly implement the connection between the sensor and other systems. This applies to the customer’s own devices and applications as well as third-party solutions and hardware.

To discuss about how Movesense experts can support your project, book a meeting right away!

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