February 26th, 2024

Kaasa Integrates RaceBox GPS and Movesense Sensor in Data Collector App, New Era of Precision Analytics in Sports and Health

Movesense software partner Kaasa solution integrates the RaceBox Mini S GPS sensor and the Movesense Sensor in their advanced Data Collector 3 analytics platform. The combination marks a significant leap forward in sports and health analytics. It redefines the standards of precision, versatility, ease of use and insight in monitoring and enhancing athletic performance and well-being, offering unprecedented data-driven pathways to achieving peak physical condition and performance.

The RaceBox Mini S is known for its precise GPS tracking capabilities, providing raw, high-fidelity data that is crucial for a detailed analysis of outdoor activities and performance metrics. When this high-precision GPS data is combined with the Movesense sensor’s comprehensive physiological and biomechanical metrics, users are equipped with a holistic overview of their physical state and performance dynamics. The Data Collector 3 platform serves as the cornerstone of this integration, offering a sophisticated yet user-friendly interface for data aggregation, analysis, and interpretation, empowering athletes, coaches, and health professionals with actionable insights.

Comments from the Collaborating Companies:

RaceBox Technologies:

— We are excited to pivot the focus of the RaceBox Mini S GPS sensor towards the burgeoning fields of sportstech and health. This strategic integration with the Movesense sensor and Data Collector 3 aligns with our vision of harnessing technology to enhance physical health and performance. The potential to unlock new insights into athletic training, recovery, and overall well-being is immense. We are eager to see how our combined technologies will contribute to advancements in these areas, states RaceBox.


— Integrating the Movesense sensor with the RaceBox Mini S GPS and Data Collector 3 platform represents a milestone in our mission to support health and performance with cutting-edge technology, comments Jussi Kaasinen, Movesense CEO. By combining precise GPS data with the accurate physiological and movement parameters that Movesense sensors provide, this collaboration broadens the scope of applications and deepens the level of insights that can be extracted using our sensors. It underlines our commitment to enabling innovation and excellence in the health and wellbeing sectors, Kaasinen affirms.

Kaasa solution:

Nico Kaartinen, Managing Director at Kaasa, reflects on the importance of the collaboration:

— By bringing together the RaceBox Mini S GPS sensor and Movesense sensor on our platform, we are creating a powerful ecosystem for sportstech and health analytics. This integration is designed to break down the barriers to complex data analysis, making it accessible and actionable for users across the spectrum of sports and health disciplines. It’s a step forward in our journey to empower individuals and professionals with the tools they need for data-driven decision-making in physical health and performance.

— This pioneering collaboration is poised to transform the landscape of sports technology and health analytics, offering a comprehensive, integrated solution for monitoring, analyzing, and optimizing physical activity and health. With the combined capabilities of the RaceBox Mini S GPS sensor, Movesense sensor, and Data Collector 3 platform, the future of personalized health and performance analytics has never been brighter, Kaartinen continues.

For more information about this collaboration, the technologies involved, or to arrange an interview with the spokespersons from RaceBox Technologies, Movesense, or Data Collector 3, please contact Nico Kaartinen at Kaasa solution GmbH, +491735195967 or nico.kaartinen@kaasa.com.

Kaasa’s introdcution video of the Data Collector 3 benefits with RaceBox and Movesense:

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