February 27th, 2024

Movesense and Labfront Partner to Support Women’s Cardiac Health Research

Labfront is a complete data collection platform that aggregates high resolution physiological data from wearables, survey responses, and participant task adherence records in one place. The Labfront platform works seamlessly with Movesense sensors. Together, they form a state-of-the-art solution for collecting and managing research data related to health and well-being.

With February being American Heart Health Month and International Women’s day coming up, we are partnering with Labfront to support underserved women’s cardiac health research. We’ll be giving away products and running a webinar to raise awareness of the need for research and highlight research themes for which we provide practical tools together.

It is a known fact that, due to biological differences, heart disease can progress differently in women than in men. Heart disease is the most common cause of death in women. 1 in every 5 female deaths are caused by heart disease, and more women die from heart disease than men.

However, women’s treatment is regularly delayed, and their illnesses are often misdiagnosed. The diagnostic practices are in principle gender-independent but work better for men. One concrete reason for this is that there is not enough reliable research data on identifying heart disease in women. There is also a lack of practical guidance for healthcare operators.

Together with Labfront, we want to encourage researchers to increase the understanding of women’s heart diseases and develop methods for their better treatment. We’re rolling out a grant to support research on women’s cardiac health. Winners will receive 5 Movesense sensors and a free Labfront account–worth over $1500 USD. Applications will be accepted from now until mid-April. Learn more and apply: www.labfront.com/grant

To learn more about running research with Movesense and Labfront solutions, mark your calendars for March 19! Together with Labfront, we’ll arrange a webinar to discuss the latest in ECG and IMU sensors and how to streamline data collection and analysis for studies on cardiac health, human motion, and more. Under the topic “Unlocking cardiac and movement data, and much more with wearables in Health Research”, we will cover practical applications and provide a straightforward look at how integrating wearable sensors can streamline data collection and analysis for studies on cardiac health, human motion, heart rate variability, and more.

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