March 11th, 2024

Sensor Firmware 2.2.1 for Non-Medical Movesense Sensors Available

Posted in Developer news

New Movesense Sensor Firmware 2.2.1 is now available for the non-medical sensor variants Movesense HR2, Movesense HR+ and Movesense Flash.

The update fixes the issue of BLE connection getting stuck with some Android 14 phone models and supports the Standard Bluetooth Heart Rate Service with two simultaneous BLE connections.

We also updated the gatt_sensordata_app sensor firmware sample to support large data packages in live streaming. This means, if you are using a custom GATT service to stream data e.g. to a laptop, you can now enjoy faster data transfer rates and use higher sampling rates for live data.

View Movesense sensor firmware repository on Bitbucket.

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