Movesense Activates the ISPO Open Innovation Community

January 17th, 2019

ISPO is one of the biggest trade shows for sporting goods in the world and a global community for promoting the evolution of sports and the sports industry. Movesense will exhibit in the ISPO Brandnew area at ISPO Munich 2019 in the beginning of February. The image above is from last year’s ISPO Brandnew. Together with […]

Atomic unveils new Hawx Ultra Connected Ski Boot with Movesense Technology

January 10th, 2019

For over 60 years Atomic has been building ski equipment in Altenmarkt, Austria with a know-how and passion for skiing unlike any other company.  At CES 2019 ,Atomic introduced the future of ski boot + skier connectivity with the debut of a digital skiing concept – HAWX ULTRA CONNECTED. Developed in cooperation with biomechanics experts from Salzburg University […]

With Movesense, Overskudd helps users connect stress to performance

January 7th, 2019

Performance and strong decision making is critical for all of us, whether we are fighting for survival, a promotion, a contract, or any other type of achievement. That’s where Overskudd come in. It’s a Norwegian company that is helping users improve performance by giving them access to insights about stress, recovery, and the effect of interventions. […]

No pain, much gain. W2ND puts elusive data in the hands of everyday athletes

In the movies, athletes in training work at their absolute limit. Sweat drips from faces as bodies are pushed to the point of exhaustion. Usually, there’s a catchy song in the background. The training montage, however, is not an accurate depiction of athletes. Yes, athletes will push it to the limit. Usually, they only do […]

Movesense Tools Saved Customers over Three Decades in Wearable Development

January 3rd, 2019

Movesense has helped product teams in sports, healthcare, and other industries take wearable technology to market in as little as eight weeks. VANTAA, Finland – January 03, 2019 – Movesense, the ready-to-use motion sensor and development environment built to fuel the design of wearables, announced today that it has now shipped over 700 software development […]

Happy Holidays – Sensor firmware 1.8.0 is out!

December 21st, 2018

After a lot of testing and iteration, we finally have published the Movesense sensors firmware 1.8.0 just in time for Christmas. The update brings major improvements to BLE data transfer speed for BLE 4.2 and newer phones and reduces clearly BLE power consumption. As a new feature, we have added 1-Wire communication API that enables reading and […]