Jokerit Hockey Club Leads Sportstech Use in KHL

April 22nd, 2021

The Finnish ice hockey club Jokerit plays in the international ice hockey league KHL that covers two continents and extends across several time zones. To manage players’ training and recovery, the team is using various tools including Suunto 9 sports watches and Movesense-powered Ainone Balance. In the KHL, Jokerit is perceived as a forerunner in […]

Movesense joins SMASH Hackathon

April 10th, 2021

The Finnish sports tech platform SMASH is organizing a global sustainable sports hackathon on April 21-23. Movesense offers free of charge Movesense sensors to hackathon projects that decide to address the hack challenges with a solution that uses movement or heart rate measurement. The first SMASH Hackathon is looking for solutions that increase the sustainability […]

Welcome to Movesense Developer Online Workshop on April 21-22

March 29th, 2021

Many new developers have started working on Movesense sensors in the past few months. To allow a fluent start for all the new projects, we are organizing an introduction workshop to Movesense programming on April 21-22. Both days, we will have a 1,5 hour session run by Movesense lead developer Petri Lipponen. On Wednesday 21st, […]

VitalThings Seeks Complementing Services for its Contactless Sleep Monitor Somnofy

March 26th, 2021

Are you working on a Movesense powered application in the field of health and well-being? Are you looking for new channels to grow your market? We have recently received two partner invitations for the Movesense community that we are excited to share with you!   VitalThings wants to complement their sleep monitor with daytime health […]

WeShareCare Wants to Integrate Movesense Powered Health Monitoring Applications

Are you measuring health data or daily well-being status with Movesense? Are you looking for expanding your market reach? We have recently received two partner invitations for the Movesense community that we are excited to share with you!   WeShareCare offers an interesting partnering opportunity with a rapidly growing remote healthcare platform WeShareCare is a peer-to-peer […]

Neurobit Monitors Sleep Apnea and Sleep Stages with Movesense – SDK and API available

One of the Movesense Academic Program participants, Neurobit Technologies, Singapore, is working on combining sleep staging and respiratory event detection with Movesense sensors to enable sleep disorder assessment at scale. During the project, Neurobit validates its  algorithm for detecting sleep stages and Obstructive Sleep Apnea using ECG and motion data from Movesense. The company has […]

Three New Projects Join Movesense Academic Program

March 18th, 2021

Movesense Academic Program, our initiative to support scientific research projects with high end data collecting tools, has recently expanded with three new projects. Movesense sensors and Kaasa Data Collector app help the research teams to efficiently collect essential, accurate health and sports data from research subjects. One of the projects brings up the important topic […]

Runeasi Brings Personalized Biomechanical Insights to Runners

March 5th, 2021

Runeasi, a biomechanics and AI expert and a university spin-off of KU Leuven, Belgium, is launching a new running analytics tool for coaches and physiotherapists to help their clients run better. Runeasi uses Movesense sensor for the measurements. The solution is already used by a number of physio practices in Belgium and the company is […]

Virtual KnockOut Boxing Game goes Kickstarter  

March 4th, 2021

Virtual KnockOut™ is an interactive, mobile shadow boxing game that uses Movesense sensors as motion controllers. The game recognizes left and right punches and the ducking motion, making the playing experience a proper full body exercise. The game can be cast onto a tv to play live on a large screen, giving you a highly […]

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