Are you looking into measuring movement or physiology?
Is wearable technology part of your strategy?

With Movesense you can quickly commercialize new sensor products in sports, health, well-being and many other application areas. Adding a smart dimension to your products becomes possible even if digital technology is not your core business.

Case studies by application area

How to Create Successful Intelligent Workwear

Create your own wearable device

Why waste time and money into developing your own hardware when you can get a ready-to-ship device with your own logo, packaging and functionality?

Movesense provides you a fast and cost effective way to test your ideas and to develop your sensor concepts. It is a strong foundation to compete in the rapidly evolving world of wearable technology. All the hardware engineering, testing, sourcing and manufacturing is already done for you. You only need a great idea and the app development to make it come true.

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Make apparel and gear smart

With Movesense you can build a smart dimension into your products and experiment with different ideas without a heavy investment. Even existing products can fitted with Movesense connector, making them ready for smart features by plugging in the sensor.

If you don’t have the team to build your concept in-house, contact us and we’ll help you get started. You can also directly connect with one of our development partners who are experienced with the Movesense environment and can create the right solution for you quickly and effectively.

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Win with the community

Movesense platform is developed by Suunto, is a Finnish manufacturer of renowned sports watches, dive computers and precision instruments. Suunto is part of Amer Sports group with recognized sports brands including Salomon, Wilson, Atomic, Arc’teryx and Precor.

With the Movesense platform, Suunto makes its long experience in developing durable and precise sports electronics available for other companies. Suunto and Amer Sports invite everyone to join the innovation community to create new ways for tracking all 8000 sports in the world and more.

As a member of the Movesense community, you will network with dozens of dynamic companies and gain benefits from joint marketing activities around Movesense. Suunto is also interested in partnering with companies whose Movesense solutions add value to Suunto watch users.

We firmly believe that together as a network we all are stronger than alone.

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