Movesense includes a set of developer tools, API’s, the Movesense sensor and professional support that will allow you to create dedicated applications and services for your favorite sports and other motion sensing needs.

Suunto and Amer Sports invite everyone interested to innovate and turn their own ideas into practice.

Using Movesense Solutions

Are you looking for insights that help you to improve your athletic performance? Is analyzing athletes’ training important to you as a coach?

With the evolution of technology, sports are rapidly getting digitalized. Data-based insights are becoming a natural part of sports experiences for participants and fans as well as an important driver of athletic performance. Movesense brings those insights to you.


New perspectives to your performance

Movesense offers new ways to track speed and strength training, measure technique and skills, analyze tactics, collect statistics and more. So far, many of these insights have been available for pro athletes only – if at all. Now they become accessible to athletes on all levels.

One sensor – all sports

The small but robust Movesense sensor can run applications for any sports. You can change the application in the sensor; one device works for countless different activities.

Build a new application

Do you have a brilliant measurement concept that is vitally needed in your sport? Get a developer kit and make it happen! If you are not a software expert, find a partner and do it together. With Movesense, taking your idea to practice is fast and simple.