Movesense Platform

Building Blocks

Build your own sensor app that is optimized for your use case.
Process and store data locally on the sensor or stream raw data to a phone.
Movesense platform offers an open REST type API and a symmetric client-server architecture
that make it highly versatile and practical for new custom sensor solutions.

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Movesense System


Makes any piece of apparel and gear ready for digital features. The smart version has an individual ID that gives the sensor context awareness.


Tiny, durable, water resistant motion sensor that can track anything that moves. Runs your own apps, comes with your own logo.


Software libraries for iOS and Android to develop mobile apps that use the sensor data and update the sensor firmware and sensor apps over the air.


Movesense is an open environment that is not locked to any specific back-end. Use your own system or select a cloud service that you prefer.


Movesense Architecture gives you a lot of freedom and flexibility to create your own sensor solutions for all kinds of use cases.

The system uses common developer tools and methods.

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