Konect Motion

Since 2010, Konect Motion has worked with industry leaders in consumer electronics, professional sports, medical, aerospace, media and others, delivering projects and solutions on time and on budget.

Konect Motion has extensive experience with Movesense firmware and app development as well as sensor and motion tracking data science. Konect Motion has developed many custom tool kits to accelerate application and firmware development for the Movesense platform which are unique to us and reduce development, testing and application certification times and costs. For example, see our showcase of their own product Konect Sports.

No matter if you have the data science already developed, or just have an amazing idea which requires data science creation, Konect Motion can create the required product or solution for you.

Konect Motion is based in the United States and serves customers both domestically and world wide.

For more information, please contact:

David Troup
+1 800 364-2010

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