Labfront is an all-in-one research solution for real-world data capture. It is widely used by researchers from leading academic institutions such as Stanford, Harvard, and MIT, to simplify their data collection process.

With Labfront’s user-friendly, code-free platform, you can eliminate the need for developers to build your app, saving time and money — no APIs or SDKs necessary.

Labfront will also help you to get the most out of your Movesense device in research projects. It helps you improve data collection, manage adherence, and analyze data faster — all aggregated in one easy-to-use research platform. With Movesense sensors, it also enables you to adjust your data resolution, making it an even more potent research tool.

Not only is Labfront simple to use, it’s also remote-friendly, allowing your research to take place outside of the lab. Participants can be managed through the platform’s dashboard, and push notifications can be sent to improve adherence.

All of the data collected through Labfront is stored securely in one convenient location. They continually ensure compliance with HIPAA, GDPR, GCP, and other regulations.

If you want to accelerate your research and collect data from your Movesense devices quickly and securely, Labfront’s comprehensive platform is the ideal solution.

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