LLcloud® is a cloud software platform for automated multi-sensor data gathering, analysis and visualization, and Living Lab trials with test users. Movesense customers can use LLcloud as a smart cloud backend to store, visualise and analyse Movesense sensor data and combine it with other sensor platforms to build and validate new wearable devices and Movesense applications. For example, in sports wearables and apps, Movesense data could be combined with GPS tracks recorded with sports watches, action camera videos, food logging via food photo recognition, or other sensor data from smartphones and smartwatches.

LLcloud ideal for designing, developing, and testing wearables. It is designed and implemented specifically for multi-sensor data gathering, analysis and visualisation in the cloud. It is one of the few platforms in the world that allows the joint analysis of data from wearable sensors like Movesense and fixed IoT sensor/network data. LLcloud can be used also for Living Lab trials with test users, who can receive instructions and provide feedback via the same platform.

LLcloud features for wearable applications include advanced geofences, zones, and tracking, various mathematical metrics to compare location tracks when developing or validating the performance of novel wearable trackers, and communication with various wearable sensors and devices via WiFi, 5G, LoRaWAN, and for Movesense sensors BLE .

LLcloud integrations include Strava for routes and location data, Phyphox for smartphone sensor data, Apple Health for Apple Watch and other data and GoPro integration for videos and telemetry data.

To start using Movesense with LLcloud, please request an LLcloud subscription plan and describe in the request you would like to use it with Movesense sensors. Also consult LLcloud®’s public API to see how your novel wearable or app can send data to LLcloud where it can be combined with data from other sensors and platforms.

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Stavri Nikolov
phone: +359882041499

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