Prifina is a personal data platform that merges individual data ownership rights with the cutting-edge potential of an open data market. The Prifina platform has two key features. First, it allows individuals to create private, personal data clouds, in which they can store, collect, organize, and review their own personal data. Second, it gives developers the opportunity to create applications that run on user-held data and market their applications directly to users. Individuals can then run these applications using data in their personal data cloud, allowing them to get maximum value from their own personal data while still retaining data ownership and control.

Prifina works, for example, with fashion, sport equipment and insurance companies to bring sensorized products and user-held data applications to consumers. New sensors and sensorized products can be connected to the Prifina personal data infrastructure using a universal Bluetooth connection or an API.

For companies working on projects with Movesense sensors, the Prifina platform takes care of the data privacy and allows for fluent application development, making it a strong building block of a consumer solution. Movesense supplies the sensor hardware and Prifina provides the personal data infrastructure, so you can go to market efficiently with your service or application.

For more information, please contact:

Markus Lampinen
+1 646 801 4054

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