RUNTEQ is a Finnish pioneer of sports and fitness technology solutions. The company has over 6-year experience on wearable products. The company has developed Movesense-based solutions to several applications and products.

Experienced in project management and system-level solution concepting, Runteq can help you with

  • SW architecture design and development (Embedded Movesense, iOS and Android), also together with other partners
  • Algorithm design (IMU measurements, time and frequency domain, machine learning), implementation and testing
  • Custom Bluetooth GATT specification and implementation

Runteq offers its software library, Sports4IMU for companies who want to implement a commercial wearable product for individual and team sports that include running. The library lowers non-recurring development expenses of new innovations in sports performance analysis and speeds up their time-to-market. The library is available through various licensing models, including OEM product and software installation. The software is intended for both brand manufacturers and wearable application developers.

For more information, please contact:

Tommi Ojala

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