Programming Jig only

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Custom made jig make the Movesense code debugging and even a small scale manufacturing re-programming a breeze.

  • this package DOES NOT contain the Segger J-Link

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A professional programming jig for those having the Segger J-Link Base already.

While the Movesense sensor can be programmed using Bluetooth Smart and over-the-air update functionality, i.e. Movesense development CAN be done without extra tools, in some cases it helps to be able to get a deeper insight into what’s bubbling under the hood. This is where this dedicated debugger jig comes handy. Just plug the USB cables in, attach the JTAG connector to the programming jig, and use RTT (Real Time Terminal) debug prints to see what’s going on inside your code.

Package contents

  • Custom made Movesense programming jig
  • Spare set of contact pins
  • USB cable (for powering the sensor)
  • Quick start guide
  • this package DOES NOT contain the Segger J-Link

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