Movesense Research Bundle HR2

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The ECG-capable Movesense HR2 heart rate and ECG monitor measures the electrical behavior of your heart in more detail compared to regular sports heart rate monitors and tracks any motion with in-built movement sensors. The lightweight sensor and the soft, well fitting chest strap ensure unobtrusive wear and high data quality during sports and other intense activities.

Connect the sensor to the free iOS Movesense Showcase App or another compatible application to measure, view and store 1-lead electrocardiogram, heart rate, and motion signals. You can export the recorded data for further analysis with other tools as a raw, unfiltered .csv file.

For research projects related to the analysis of ECG signal and heart rate variability, we recommend Kubios HRV Premium software, which is popular and proven in use with Movesense.

The product includes a support session with a Movesense expert for sharing best practices and to answer your technical questions. This will help you get started quickly and use the sensors in an efficient way.

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1 × Technical Consultation Session with Movesense Experts
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Movesense sensor is a highly useful tool for collecting data in scientific research projects. Movesense’s popularity in research use is growing rapidly, as awareness of the sensor’s ease of use and benefits for scientific research spreads. Movesense supports academic research through Movesense Academic Program. New articles based on research projects using Movesense sensors are published almost weekly.

We want to support those passionate students, researchers, and other professionals that are making the world a better place through new findings and innovations. Therefore we created the Movesense research bundle that contains 30 pieces of the sensor of your selection, 30 heart rate straps, and up to 2 hours of consultation to help new projects get started. This is all you need to start collecting heart rate, heart rate variability, ECG or movement data from a group of research subjects or to run a course on wearable sensors with students.

The pricing is calculated for the Movesense Sensor HR2 but on request we can make the bundle with other sensor models too.

The ECG-capable Movesense HR2 heart rate monitor provides a deeper view on the electrical activity of the heart. Connect to the free Movesense Showcase App or another compatible app to measure and record high quality 1-lead ECG signal and heart rate intervals for heart rate variability analysis. The built-in 9-axis motion sensor enables the measurement of any movement. The sensor runs an open API for developing unique in-device apps for all kinds of heart rate and motion sensing use cases.

  • Swim and shock proof construction suitable for any sports
  • Developed, designed and manufactured in Finland
  • Adjustable, machine washable, elastic chest strap
  • User replaceable battery (CR2025 coin cell)
    • battery life up to 400hrs in HRM use / 7 days in continuous ECG use
  • State of the art ultra low power circuitry
  • One of the lightest and smallest movement sensors on the market, 9,4 g / 0.33 oz. with battery
  • Customer branding available for larger quantities

Technical highlights

  • High quality 1-lead ECG measurement
    (Movesense Showcase App or other compatible app needed)
  • Configurable ECG sampling rate from 125Hz to 512Hz
  • ECG frequency response of the Movesense HR2 optimized for R-Peak detection
  • 9-axis movement measurement
    (IMU9 = accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer)
  • Wireless BLE connection
  • Standard Bluetooth Heart Rate Service for heart rate monitoring with sports watches & mobile apps
  • Programmable: open API and free sample code for developing custom firmware with unique in-device apps for your own use cases


Install the free Movesense Showcase App:


  • for iOS
  • for Android (Developer version. Save the newest Showcaseapp.apk or Showcaseap-debug.apk file on your phone and run it to install)

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