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Ainone Balance® Software, created by the Finnish company Ainone for balance measurement, is intended for use by health care and coaching professionals. Ainone Balance® is a CE labelled medical device.

We need balance in everyday life always when we move. Balance control is a result of multimodal coordination in brain and central nervous system. Even though balance is considered important by professionals, it is very seldom evaluated in an accurate, objective way.

Ainone has developed a user friendly measurement device based on mobile technology to assist professionals in evaluating balance. All that is needed is a Movesense sensor and the Ainone Balance® software.

A patient or an athlete completes a set of movements or exercises while wearing the device, which captures precise measurements previously unavailable to healthcare professionals or coaches.

With the data, progress can be monitored and documented accurately and objectively. The results of balance evaluation can be used in prognosis and assessments of human condition, contributing to decision-making around people’s capability in elite sports, to work, or early detection of aging or neurological diseases.*


News article about the product launch

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