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Beyond Pulse

Beyond Pulse is a coaching tool designed to give coaches and organizations access to the key health metrics needed to develop the most effective training sessions for players. The company believes in empowering coaches through education and objective data, simplified to be accessible for organizations from the youth level to collegiate and beyond.

Through access to heart rate, active participation, distance and speed, Beyond Pulse Smart Belts provide coaches the information they need to create training sessions tailored to their players’ development, resulting in better player health and better team performance.


Professional clubs have been using similar technology for years. Now, Beyond Pulse has created a simplified, user-friendly and affordable system that makes the same winning approach accessible to youth soccer teams everywhere.

Beyond Pulse has already partnered with U.S. Club Soccer and their Players First initiative, Ohio University, United Soccer Coaches and other teams across North America, proving that the system works while showing BP’s commitment to youth development and education.

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