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The AiVoni Analysis Service allows users to identify heart arrhythmia anywhere, anytime. It is developed by the Finnish, Kuopio-based startup Heart2Save that was founded by a group of cardiologists and other medical experts. AiVoni is the first medical application that uses the ECG feature of the Movesense sensor.

When the user measures ECG, the AiVoni Analysis Service analyses the ECG in order to determine whether there is a potentially dangerous atrial fibrillation or, for example, harmless extrasystoles. The measurement also generates a normal ECG strip that makes it easier to seek medical help.

Heart2Save’s ideology is built on evidence-based medicine. The biggest risk group for heart diseases is people over 65 years, overweight, with high blood pressure and diabetes, who smoke or exercise too little. According to guidelines of the European Society of Cardiologist this risk group is recommended to be screened for arrhythmia.

The AiVoni service has been developed in cooperation with consumers in the risk group, retirement homes, the Finnish Heart Association and cardiologists and neurologists. User-driven planning, combined with the know-how of experts, has shaped AiVoni into a unique and easy-to-use product for the ordinary consumer.


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