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Holonic Systems

Holonic Systems wants to change the way we think about music. For them, music is not just entertainment but the very source of humanity. How can music connect instead of divide and isolate us? How can we harness the innate musicality and appeal of music to further enrich and empower our lives? Can music be a function of our behaviour?

By measuring activity, gestures, position and biosignals, Holonic Systems infers contextually relevant user data that is converted to musical information in real time. The information is either synthesised onboard an iOS device, or sent to hardware and software for further processing. This bottom-up approach to musical creativity provides users with functional feedback or biofeedback, which can be utilised for artistic, personal and commercial benefit.

The company has used Movesense sensors since 2018 and they have been successfully used in artworks ranging from dance performances to kinetic sculptures. Holonic Systems is working in close collaboration with researchers and universities, including Queen Mary University London’s Music + AI project, which studies how music can be made on a city-wide scale by multiple participants.

Join Holonic Systems quest for tomorrow’s human-powered music today!

To get an idea of how the solution works in practice, enjoy watching this dance video. Learn more on this news article.

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