Learn how companies have used the Movesense platform to build great consumer products that are changing the game.

Kaasa solution

Kaasa solution is a Movesense development partner from Germany. The company has created practical tools for other Movesense developers as well as their own consumer products for different purposes. Here are some examples:

Data Collector 2.0

Kaasa Data Collector 2.0 is an iOS app for reliable and fast raw data collection of up to 5 synchronized Movesense sensors. The app includes a number of innovative features that makes data collection easy and reliable and makes sure that the recorded data is stored systematically:

  • Easy real time annotation of recorded data through video, audio, hot buttons and free text.
  • Easy sharing of sensors settings to ensure that data collection within a projects always uses the same settings.
  • Fast viewing of large recordings of up to 5 synchronized sensors with real time annotations through Data Collector Plotter.

Using Kaasa Data Collector 2.0 with Movesense Smart Connectors makes the setup even faster and more intuitive and enables reliable data collection for one project in many locations by several users with identical sensor settings.

To learn more about the Data Collector, watch this list of tutorial videos on Youtube. If you are interested in using the Data Collector for your own projects, get in touch with Kaasa solution via the link on this page.

Kick / Box Trainer

Kick / Box Trainer is a sensor system and a mobile app for monitoring boxing and martial arts training. The solution gives new insights to boxing and martial arts training and includes six different training modes that help coaches to manage their athletes’ training for better results. You can use the solution for both individual training and sparring.

The system works with two or four Movesense sensors, monitoring arms and legs and their timing and power in relation to each other.

Kaasa solution developed the product in co-operation with the German Sportsschule Alex, one of the leading martial arts schools in Europe.

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