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Konect Sports

Konect Speed Pro from Konect Sports is a revolutionary athlete performance measurement platform that quantifies an athlete’s reaction and drill time for trainers to isolate opportunities in form and technique. Reaction time is the key to unlocking breakthrough speed, agility and power for athletes.

Unlike wrist sensors, light gates or stopwatches, Konect Speed Pro uses a tiny 3D motion sensor, Movesense, to measure an athlete. Konect Speed Pro captures the moment that the athlete’s core body moves, allowing analysis of form and technique to improve reaction times and needed movements for the athlete’s sport. Target sensors located in the drill capture speed and split times.

Good decisions are driven by good data. Stop making decisions based on subjective observations of your players. With Konect Speed Pro, you know how each of your players rank in terms of reaction, agility and more. Bring the power of analytics into your coaching and elevate your teams potential.

Read Konect Sports CEO David Troup‘s interview about the project.

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