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Mentech HUME, an emotion AI platform to give mentally disabled people a voice

People with limited verbal communication capabilities, like people with a severe mental disability or dementia, are often not capable of expressing their emotions. This leaves these vulnerable people often misunderstood and not always adequately helped. One of the biggest challenge caregivers experience is the inability to identify and regulate stress of their clients at an early stage. Stress can lead to incidents and escalations which negatively impacts the quality of life and happiness of the client and leads to drop-out of the caregivers. With better prediction of stress, caregivers can use interventions more effectively to prevent undesired incidents and escalations. This will lead to better care for less costs and better life quality of the clients.

The HUME is an emotion artificial intelligence platform based on multiple inputs. Movesense sensor measures the physiological data and Mentech combines the input with behavior models and machine learning. The feasibility of early stress detection is currently being explored in a large pilot study with the participation of care organizations and healthcare professionals. One of the future goals of Mentech is to integrate Movesense as a smart wearable that can be applied in clothing. The HUME became commercially available in 2021.

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