Learn how companies have used the Movesense platform to build great end user solutions that are changing the game.


MorphWear is a Los Angeles based startup focused on enabling all generations of athletes to train smarter. Using Movesense sensors embedded with their own dedicated algorithms, the company collects motion data on world class swimmers to set the bar for elite performance.

In addition to common swim metrics, MorphWear tracks new ones like stroke power, which can measure a swimmer’s ability to maintain high energy over each stroke, distance, or time.

This also helps swimmers train efficiently by telling us when they have increased their performance capacity or need more recovery.

The MorphWear app accounts for the physical, mental, and emotional energy swimmers invest daily, and provides practice feedback through a three phase loop of track, tune, and train.

track – captures live metrics and overall progress
tune – adapts workouts to swimmer’s abilities
train – fine tunes race elements

The solution prepares athletes for their race day swim so that they can perform to their best physical and mental ability.

Read founder Konrad Antoniuk’s interview where he goes deeper into MorphWear product background and philosophy.

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