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Exergames are computer games that are also a form of exercise. Exergames have different targets such as motivating players to exercise, preventing the sedentary behavior related to usual computer games, guiding players to specific exercises for health purposes, or simply to make the games more fun and engaging.

Physilect, a Finnish pioneer of computer aided remote rehabilitation, is developing a series of exergames that use Movesense sensor as a controller. With the games, Physilect is combating the problems arising from immobility and helps people stay active and have fun at the same time.

The first game of the family, Pottery Fitness was launched in June 2021. The game simulates a potter’s wheel to train your hands, wrists, and forearms. It uses Movesense sensor data to control the game by measuring player’s hand movements.

Pottery Fitness is not a medical application, but it helps to maintain physical activity for those who lead a sedentary life, work a lot at the computer and may suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome.

Physilect has invested a lot of effort in using Movesense in games. The company developed an Android SDK to simplify the connection to the sensor. Physilect is offering the SDK free of charge to everyone interested in implementing Movesense sensors in their applications. To request the SDK, contact the team by email at

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